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It’s Paul Simon meets The Beatles on the playground… it’s “Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band!”

“Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band” is revolutionizing music and entertainment for children…contagious rhythms and lyrics that grab your heart and soul and don’t let go!

The lyrics are life lessons, beautiful stories, teachings, exploration of emotions, revealed through incredibly moving music that captivates audiences of every age…an answer to parents’ prayers for entertainment that combines fun and learning through the power of music.

A “Kaleidoscope” concert is an electrifying communal experience…the chemistry of the band is explosive; it immediately captures and engages audience members for an unforgettable interactive performance.

While the words of each song unfold like a storybook, the unique flavor of music tugs at the very core of your being.

Expect hand-clapping, foot-stomping, world-music infused rhythms alongside emotional arrangements that provide precious bonding opportunity for parent and child to embrace and get lost in the magic of the music. If parents could only bottle this moment…they’re the moments that take your breath away.

It’s music from the heart, for the heart, connecting parents and children, allowing them to make memories that will last a lifetime. “Kaleidoscope” songs enrich, educate and inspire children to learn about and appreciate the world in which they live.

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"This sweet song by Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band will have the kiddies wishing for all the delights winter weather brings." - PeopleMagazine.com
"A+ 4.5 out of 4 stars. The album is performed without the music or words sounding patronizing towards kids and it won't make you want to pull your hair out when your kids ask to listen to it repeatedly. It's just an all together good time album that kids will love and can help bring a family together to just have a silly fun time." - shakefire.com
"Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band live up to their name by creating a colorful blend of musical styles and clever lyrics for the whole family … Musical depth combines with witty lyrics that talk directly to kids. It's an all-ages fun time!" – Kathy O'Connell, host of the Peabody Award Winning radio show WXPN-FM's Kids Corner
"This wonderful band makes music that is full of joy and happiness! Alex's smooth, deep voice and clear enunciation make it easy for kids to understand the meaning and sing along!" - Sweeps4Bloggers
"A very eclectic and fun collection of songs. This is a great album for kiddos who love beats!" - The SIMPLE Moms
"My kids were instantly in love with it!" - Your World Healthy & Natural
"A worldly flair is injected into all of these good time dance songs, but never at the expense of their American rock roots, with front man Alex Mitnick's hearty voice being the spoon that stirs this yummy gumbo." - Jeff Bogle, Out With The Kids
"This feel-good, hand-clapping, toe-tapping music is crafted with appealing multicultural rhythms and lyrics drawing inspiration from the natural world." – Parents' Choice Foundation
"This album had such a worldly feel to the music, almost like you were traveling!" - babycenter.com
"This Cd exposes children to music from many different cultures all on one fantastically entertaining CD. I'm So Glad is full of songs on topics kiddos are actually interested in and presents them in a really fun way:) ABCD Diaries gives this CD an A+!" - ABCD Diaries
"If you are looking for a new album for the preschool scene then you need to check out Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band. Their newest album I'm So Glad is fun and fresh. Featuring great music and fun lyrics!" - As They Grow Up
"A jingly-jangly album with hints of reggae, disco and ‘hip-shaking"'Zydeco." - {Kid}Independent
"This is feel good music at it's finest!" - Momma's Bacon
"With positive, encouraging, witty lyrics and fun topics, plus a whole variety of musical styles, this new album from Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band is just the thing to add a little spring to your step and bounce to your attitude!" - A Nation Of Moms
"The smooth voice of Alex and and funky music from his band really help to deliver this all out fun CD! With an array of strong rhythms and catchy melodies, the album works it's way into your system until you are filled with musical goodness." - Take It From Me
"My son and I both loved the fun rhythms and lyrics of I'm So Glad, it is such an upbeat album! I love the diversity of musical types that are showcased in this album, as well as the positive messages in the lyrics." - My Springfield Mommy
"With fun lyrics and music that will get your feet and body moving, your whole family will enjoy this CD. I highly recommend this CD and give it a huge thumbs up!" - A Mom After God's Own Heart
"A beautiful tribute to the season!" - The Indie Tot
"My daughter is in love with this music. Full of fun and upbeat songs, Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band provide the perfect dance party music." - Real in the Kitchen and Beyond
"The dance-friendly music is excellent for maintaining an upbeat mood, and parents may find it just as catchy as little ones do! Highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review
"This one is one of his best! When you're child is in one of those grumpy moods, settle in with I'm So Glad and start the toe stomping and smiley faces going." - The Review Broads